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Free Internet Eraser - Delete Internet History with AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite

When you use the Internet, you leave plenty of traces behind. Your history list shows what sites you've visited; your cache includes files downloaded from those sites, including HTML files as well as graphics. In addition, Internet Explorer keeps a list of all the URLs you type, and retains a list of words you type into search engines if you use the AutoComplete features. And there's plenty more on your PC that can track your Internet activity as well.

AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite, our Free Internet Eraser is for anyone concerned about their privacy, and who doesn't want that information available. It deletes just about any trace you can imagine of your surfing activity. Our Free Internet Eraser implements and exceeds the US Department of Defense standard, to gives you confidence that once deleted with our Free Internet Eraser, your traces are gone forever and can not be recovered. Our Free Internet Eraser removes the following tracks from your computer:

  • Remove IE visit history

  • Remove IE cookies

  • Remove IE cache files

  • Remove the typed URLs in IE

  • Remove the Windows start menu -- run drop list

  • Remove the files in Windows temp folder

  • Remove the Windows recent documents list

  • Remove the files in Window recycle bin

  • Remove my network places (network neighborhood) cache

  • Remove the favorite items

  • Remove Windows explorer find files list

  • Remove Windows explorer find computer list

Our Free Internet Eraser is completely free for personal use (freeware). Just download and enjoy it! If you want more features or use browser other than IE (like FireFox), our Pro version is what you need!

Download Free Internet Eraser:

Free Internet Eraser - AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite (Freeware)

AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro (Shareware, 15 days free trial)

Free Internet Eraser System Requirement:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT4, Windows ME, 98, 95

  • Microsoft IE 4.0 or above

Testimonials from our user about our Free Internet Eraser:

Eraser Lite is small, efficient, and easy to use. Although the Pro version requires payment, this free Lite version is good enough for me. Good software. - donkitch

Excellent. Just superb. Loved absolutely everything. Computer is more secure and runs faster. Thank you . - olusafl

This free internet eraser removes internet tracks and leaves my temp folder empty. One easy step for any users logged on my computer. - Hopsing1st

Very easy to use and efficient. A nice tool and it's great that it is a free one.  simple and easy to use tool - porterky

I tried AbsoluteShield on Vista Home and it works great. This free internet eraser is a must have for everyone. - cindybrady

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